From lift trucks to terminal tractors, yard hostlers, container lifts or cranes - PSST has you covered. In a halo that it is! But that's not all, our systems can do Reach Stackers, Rigger Trucks, Transporters and while we haven't done any winches yet - our technology expands to suit your needs. With PSST technology accenting your safety systems; your workers and machine operators can rest assured and feel confident they will be alerted when in dangerous situations.

PSST's technology got it's start with Lift Trucks. That doesn't mean we're not familiar with other application's involved in shipping and cross docking applications. Do you have a shipping dock? We can have you covered. Just have a look at our magic forklift video!

At the core of our technology, we cover workers and machines. Whether those machines are forklifts, container lifts, or whatever, we have vests and harnesses for workers while covering machines with core electronics package forming the backbone of the protection system.We surround workers by protecting them with a halo. The machine equipment has a dynamically adjusting zone based on equipment speed. This assures the worker and machine contact potential is minimized. We don't suggest this is a replacement for your present safety environment, but we will significantly enhance and assure, after a long 12 hour shift, your workers arrive at home safely.

Begin the peace of mind experience and contact PSST to see how we can help your shipping, cross docking or industrial environment work safety and protection systems.