Logging and Forestry workers work in various environments including comfortable (machine) cabs but also work in noisy outdoor environments and/or extreme weather conditions. The environment might involve work on steep, wet or uneven terrain. The worker may not have his mind continually focused on potential hazards created meters away.

That is where PSST's line of HAsSP products will help to enhance workplace safety procedures by alerting operators and ground crew to hazards associated with operating heavy equipment in a forest environment. PSST is developing a line of products help to reduce the health and safety risks that have been traditionally associated with this difficult environment. In early 2011, PSST product line is designed to help assist through advances in technology, to work alongside of safety engineering and operating procedures.

Consider the qualities and characteristics of a logging/forestry operator...

  • Strength/Stamina
  • Ability to judge distances accurately
  • Ability to remain alert while performing repetitious tasks
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Ability to work out of the sight of co-workers or machine operators.

PSST can't help to provide strength and stamina assistance (although we would like too) however our HAsSP product line will help with the balance of the listed qualities with our technology.

By accurately ranging and determining distances to hazards (human or otherwise), PSST technology can identify, alert and provide guidance to protect workers and machine operators to the presence of danger. We enhance the operators abilities to avoid dangerous situations by providing non-intrusive signaling and inputs to machine control. Further, our designs are intended to alert workers positioned in dangerous situations aiding in there ability to make quick decisions when hazards may be out there line of sight.

The bottom line is; PSST is your next safety solution enhancing your logging or forestry operation and assist in protecting your workers. For more information, please contact PSST. We would be happy to talk through your requirements and see how we might help in the safety of your operation.