About Us

We do business as PSST with each of three corporations developing safety systems for their respective industries. All three of PSST's group companies produce radio systems using the principles of RFID for their basic operation. Each however, has some unique perspectives that define them as individuals. Our inventions takes RFID capabilities to brand new levels.

Pro-Active Safety Systems Inc.

Pro-Active Safety Systems Inc. is the company that we do business under. In separating the three safety systems, we gain the ability to design, develop, build and market the individual products under their own brand names.

This allows us the ability to create licensing agreements, or take on business partners for one company without having to involve the operations of the other two product lines.

PSST Mobile Equipment

Our system is designed to eliminate contact incidents between people and mobile equipment. The product is capable of determining exact distances between moving mobile equipment, people and/or objects.

This will give the equipment manufacturers the ability to automatically activate control sequences in the event that a contact incident becomes imminent.

We have completed prototypes and are now finalizing the design for the market product. We expect to be able to enter the marketplace by the first quarter of 2011. This product has the potential to become the new world standard for mobile equipment safety.