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Radio Frequency Identification Based Personnel Safety System

Personnel Safety System Utilizing Time Variable Frequencies 

PSST RangeTrac

Our System is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) proximity detection system.  The system consists of a Machine Unit and Worker Units which are personal units worn on the hardhat, safety vest or safety belt. The Machine Unit is mounted in the cab of a mobile machine and plugs into the equipment’s 12 volt power point.  A variety of directional or non-directional 2.4 – 2.45 GHz antennas can be connected to the unit and positioned outside of the cab, depending upon the desired detection zones.
How the system works:  The Machine Unit is set up using multi zone ranging detection.  The zones can be independently adjusted and set to meet the desired detection area around the mobile equipment being used.  When the person wearing a Worker Unit approaches the machine and enters into the zone which is the alert or warning zone, a yellow indicator lamp will light up indicating that the alert zone is breached which alerts the Machine Operator that someone has entered the zone.  If the person continues coming closer to the machine, a red light indicator as well as an optional vibration seat will activate.  When the seat vibrates and the indicator light is on, the operator is warned that a person is now in the danger zone and is very close to the machine.  At the same time the persons worker unit will both vibrate and sound a small piezo buzzer warning to the worker that the operating equipment is close by.  Both the Machine Unit and the Worker Unit communicate with each other and the Machine Unit will continue ranging for other Work Units even though they are outside the warning and danger zones.  The Machine Unit can range with multiple Worker Units.
The Machine Unit also contains a power failure alarm that will sound an audible alarm when power is interrupted or disabled from the Machine Unit.  The alarm will keep running until power has been drained from the alarm’s circuit.
Ranging can also be adjusted to accommodate the work area situation.  The Machine Unit can also have an optional LCD display attached to it.  The display will identify the Worker Units being used by an ID number or personal name that is entered into the Machine Unit.  The distance of each Worker Unit can be viewed on the screen.  Our system has not been affected by other WiFi, radio communications or other RF technologies.  Our system will be compatible with the CAN BUS system and can be used in the control of vehicle functions such as braking application.
As well as Worker Units, we also have Object Tags.  These object tags work the same way as the Worker Unit except they would be mounted in a stationary position.  The object tags can communicate with the Machine Unit and would give the same information to the Machine Unit and would give the same information to the Machine Unit indicating that an Object Tag was present and that a warning zone was being breached.  The placement of each Object Tag would be determined by the needs of the client on an individual basis.